Reverse Osmosis Phoenix

Clear, soft, delicious water

If you want great tasting, fresh purified drinking water, Clear Water Concepts has the perfect alternative to bottled water! A reverse osmosis water purification system will give you unlimited purified water at your fingertips.

Take advantage of the benefits of installing a reverse osmosis system in your Phoenix area home. Since bottled water has become an environmental issue because plastic bottles are non biodegradable, a home RO system is a more ecologically-friendly and practical approach for acquiring purified drinking water. Imagine the convenience of never having to tote water into your home again! And, also think of the health benefits you will receive from drinking fresh purified water right out of your Phoenix home's tap! Not to mention the money you will save!

Clear, soft, delicious water

Our Ultima™ reverse osmosis water purifiers provide all the benefits of bottled water, without impact to the environment and on your health. And that's not all! Clear Water Concepts can also install a separate line from the water purification system to your refrigerator so that even your ice cubes will look and taste better than ever!

Clear Water Concepts provides several options regarding RO systems phoenix, including UV sterilization, mineral filters for added flavor, and designer faucets to customize appearance. All of our RO systems use water saving shut-offs, the highest quality water filters, and TFC membranes. Our Ultima™ Series RO systems provide twice the flow of conventional Reverse Osmosis systems. All components are made in the USA, using the highest quality components. Ultima™ WQA Gold Seal validation assures that each Phoenix area customer is getting the highest quality product with proven performance

Ultima VII

$389.00 (5-Stage) Installed

Sanitech Water Purification System Clear, soft, delicious water

What makes the Sanitech Hph Different?

In a word everything! The Sanitech Hph is a unique water purification system that performs as well as it looks. An innovative reverse osmosis system that combines advanced purification technology, while preserving healthy essential trace minerals, and electrolytes. Unlike conventional RO systems, our exclusive design provides a higher ph without compromising purity! Sanitech Hph... Who says you can't have it all?

Sanitech Water Purification System

Sanitech Hph Water Purification System


  • Nutricel chelated trace mineral filter, provides the finest blend of quality organic trace minerals and electrolytes available.
  • Convenient quick release filters, for easy, sanitary servicing every time.
  • Exclusive Bio-Guard ionic advanced filtration technology. Ensures protection from micro-biological contamination.
  • Smartlite designer faucet, reminds you when service is needed.


  • FloRite rapid fill feature, quickly dispenses water every time.
  • Superior purification technology ensures removal of today's most troublesome contaminants.
  • NSF/WQA certified components.


  • Automatic flow control shut off, for optimum water savings.
  • High efficiency membrane, provides maximum output with minimum waste.
  • Non-electric, works solely on water pressure.

Tomorrows Technology Today!

$595 Installed

Clear Water Concepts is your clear source for Phoenix reverse osmosis systems and Phoenix home reverse osmosis drinking water systems. Proudly serving Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Peoria, Goodyear, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, Apache Junction and the greater Phoenix metro area and valley.